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Houston Rockets @ New York Knicks Keys to the Loss

December 17th, 2012 at 10:39 PM
By Tim Stamoutsos

The New York knicks' undefeated record at home has come to an end and it came at the hands of Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets.  The Knicks for the second time this year lose badly to the Rockets and it was not even close.  The Knicks lacked perimeter speed to keep up with the Rockets penetrating guards.  The Rockets used their speed and youth to out hustle the Knicks.

'Knicks 2011 playoff game 4 (last playoff game)' photo (c) 2011, Mith Huang - license:

The Knicks were also without their best player, Carmelo Anthony missed his second straight game with a sore ankle, Knee, and Hip.  The Knicks missed Anthony tonight big time, without his scoring Raymond Felton and J.R. Smith had to pick up the scoring and both guys are not lead scoring type of players.  This game showed how important Anthony is to the Knicks offense.  With Anthony in the lineup he spreads the floor so much more for the Knicks shooters because he commands double teams.  

Jeremy Lin tonight had a good game in his Garden return.  He was able to get into the paint and was able to score at will when he got to the rim.  James Harden was also a big problem for the Knicks.  Without Iman Shumpert the Knicks just lack the speed on the perimeter to guard penetrating shooting guards.  

The Houston Rockets seem to be just a bad matchup for the Knicks.  With their youth and speed they seem to be able to blow by the Knicks guards with ease.  The good news for the Knicks is they will not have to see the Rockets anymore this season.  

The New York Knicks are still 18-6 and 1st in the Eastern Conference.  Tonight was just one of those clunkers that him during the course of an NBA season.  The Knicks were missing 4 rotational guys and it is hard to overcome that many injuries especially when 2 of those injuries are your two star players.  Carmelo Anthony will hopefully be back for Wednesday night when the Knicks take on the Brooklyn Nets.

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