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New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith in a Music Video

October 11th, 2012 at 11:18 AM
By Matt Agne

J.R. Smith is clearly enjoying his time in the Big Apple. Even as a backup, he's received more press and limelight in New York than he had his entire career as a Denver Nuggets sixth man. If it isn't Twitter, it's Instagram, or late night bike rides with fans, or dating Rihanna. Now the NBA's greatest enigma will be taking his talents to a music video near you.

'JR Smith' photo (c) 2012, Patrick Truby - license:

J.R. Smith has always been news worthy. He might not get as much of the NY spotlight as Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudemire but he isn't far off. In fact, he's likely the most interesting athlete in town right now — outside of the Alex Rodriguez, Raul Ibanez, Joe Girardi dilemma.

On the court, Smith is an enigma. He has the talent to be a starter, and a good one, yet finds himself stuck in a sixth man role. Beyond his play, fans love his personality. They love his attitude and his tattoos. They love how involved with the community he is. Most of all, they love the fact that he's like the average man — he even interacts through social media on a daily basis. 

Now he'll be starring in reggae artist Sean Paul and R&B singer Kelly Rowland's music video for the song "How Deep Is Your Love". Smith plays the male lead and love interest to the female lead in the video.

Jared Zwerling of ESPNNewYork reports that Smith didn't have to audition for the role but instead was approached about being in the video.

"They just came to me and asked me to do it," he told on Saturday. "From listening to the song, they just said I was the perfect person to play it." 

Paul and Rowland filmed their scenes in Los Angeles. Smith shot his scenes in a six-hour shoot in New York City.

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