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Tyson Chandler Believes Rasheed Wallace Will Be a “Great Addition” to the New York Knicks.

September 28th, 2012 at 12:25 AM
By Pete Kennedy

On Wednesday at "The New York Minute", Tyson Chandler's photo exhibit in New York City, he was asked about his potential new teammate, Rasheed Wallace. Tyson Chandler said he thinks Rasheed Wallace would be a "great addition." This and more all according to Ian Begley of ESPN New York.

It is obvious that many fans are not thrilled with the influx of veteran players. But how do the New York Knick's players feel about this? Well the book is still out of the opinion of most players but Tyson Chandler has some strong opinions. 

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Tyson Chandler was present for Rasheed Wallace's work out with the New York Knicks last Saturday and he said the 38 year-old "looked good." Tyson Chandler went on to say to Ian Begley of ESPN, "I hope he stays. I don't Know what the situation is but he's a great communicator on defense and we know he can knock down the open 3 and the jump shot".

Tyson Chandler added how excited he would be to have Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby be the backups to himself and Amar'e Stoudemire. He believes Rasheed Wallace has plenty to give on the court. It is obvious, due to his past, that Rasheed Wallace is going to give his all every minute he is on the court, that is just the way Rasheed Wallace is and has always been. And though he may not make the smartest plays since he is known for his technical fouls, he will bring it offensively and defensively. As long as Rasheed Wallace is in decent shape, he will be able to help the New York Knicks by bringing toughness, craftiness, and all the skills he has possessed for years. 

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Tyson Chandler will be excited if Rasheed Wallace ends up in the Blue and Orange, and there is reason for fans to be as well. Here is a link to a video that shows that Rasheed Wallace can still play and still gives his all every time he is on the court, even though he is not in the greatest shape just yet. 

Just to note, the New York Knicks have 13 guaranteed contracts right now. The maximum for a team is 15. Rasheed Wallace can fit this roster, therefore if he is in shape he is worth a shot.

Another note, remember Kenyon Martin is still on the market. But, the chance he will accept the veteran's minimum (which Rasheed Wallace most likely will) is very slim. New York Knicks fans should cross their fingers for Kenyon Martin, but according to Tyson Chandler, Rasheed Wallace would be a pretty solid pick-up himself. 

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