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New York Knicks’ Amare Stoudemire Injured; are They Better Off Without Him?

March 28th, 2012 at 12:58 PM
By Matt Agne

Amare Stoudemire is an incredible leader.  He's the first one in the building and one of the last to leave.  He's truly embraced his role as the leader of the New York Knicks.  That being said, he and Carmelo Anthony play a lot alike.  They look for the ball in similar spots on the floor.  They have had a hard time learning how to play together and share the ball on the offensive end since joining forces.  Now that Amare is out with a serious back injury are the Knicks better off?

Amare Stoudemire can be a dominant force on the basketball court.  He can take charge and simply embarrass players with dunks, and-ones and other highlights.  However, fans haven't seen that Amare since the addition of Carmelo  Anthony.  

That comes down to two factors.  First, the two had less than 30 games together in the regular season and then Amare was knocked out of the playoffs with a back injury.  Second, Carmelo is another ball dominant forward.  There's only one ball on the court at a time.  Something had to give.

That led into this season.  Amare wasn't able to receive the medical attention he clearly needed because of the lockout.  As a result, all he could do is work out with weights and he added about 15 pounds of muscle to his torso.  However, he didn't have his legs under him from not being able to run in the offseason and his legs and back really couldn't handle the additional weight.  Slowly, the Amare NBA fans know and love started to make his presence felt.

Then there was a coaching change.  Mike D'Antoni was out and Mike Woodson was the new man in charge.  The team began to thrive from the new system and the demands put upon them.  Amare and Carmelo looked very good playing together.  The team thrived off of ball movement, rebounding and an emphasis on defense.  

Then Amare went down with a bulging disc in his back.  According to two different doctors he doesn't need surgery and instead will receive rehabilitation and treatment with an estimated two to four weeks before returning.  The thing to know is that back injuries are serious and the timetable given can never be taken as set in stone.  At this point the Knicks need to hope he'll be ready to play again if and when they make the playoffs.

Now the question is, how will the Knicks look from here on out?  Well, Carmelo is still fighting through a groin injury but doesn't expect to miss any time.  That remains to be seen.  However, with one one less ball dominant player on the court Carmelo can start to take over and play his true game.  

While Amare struggled to play with Carmelo the same could be said for Carmelo with Amare.  That will no longer be a problem.  Carmelo can now dominate the ball and put the scoring burden on his shoulders.  Now, that is not to say that we should see the ball movement stop and get use to a steady dose of isolation after isolation plays.

Since joining forces Knicks fans have only seen half of what Amare is as a player and half of what Carmelo is as a player.  This is New York's first chance to see exactly what kind of player Carmelo Anthony is.  Recently on the Knicks 101 Facebook page we posted a video about Carmelo called The Beginning.  The timing of this video's release couldn't be better.  It is the beginning.  It's the beginning of the Carmelo show on the biggest stage of them all, Madison Square Garden.

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