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Former New York Knicks Larry Hughes Involved in Sexual Assault

April 19th, 2014 at 11:39 PM
By Matt Agne

Larry Hughes wasn't exactly the most popular player when he was a member of the New York Knicks. However, no one ever thought he'd be involved in anything like this. Hughes is being questioned in a sexual assault case. 

'Larry Hughes' photo (c) 2008, Tony - license:

Isn't it amazing how retired players get into trouble and even if only a small portion of their careers are spent in the Big Apple the headlines state them as stars of their respective New York teams? That's the case with Larry Hughes and the New York Knicks.

Hughes only spent 56 games with the Knicks over parts of two seasons and yet the moderate player is labeled a star by some outlets reporting that he's being questioned in a rape case.

TMZ reports Hughes is being questioned over an alleged sexual assault.

TMZ Sports had previously confirmed with the NYPD that investigators were looking into an incident at the Trump Soho in NYC … and now, the Daily News reports Hughes is the suspect.

Rocco Parascandola of the New York Daily News reports the 35 year old Hughes hasn't been charged but is a suspect in the case.

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New York Knicks’ Amare Stoudemire Says Team Didn’t Listen to Mike Woodson

April 18th, 2014 at 9:22 PM
By Matt Agne

The bloom has come off the rose. Last season Mike Woodson led the New York Knicks to a 54-win season. This season, however, has been a disaster and the team will not be playing in the post-season. Now Amare Stoudemire is claiming the Knicks didn't always buy into Woodson's coaching.

'Stoudemire' photo (c) 2011, Oyvind Solstad - license:

Let's just cut straight to it. The New York Knicks are probably going to fire Mike Woodson. That being said, Woodson isn't any worse of a coach than he was last season.

In fact, this season's roster was probably better than last year's. So why such a huge difference in results? First of all, the Eastern conference got better. Second, Woodson had a hard time this season getting his message through to his players.

Jason Kidd, Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas weren't around to be player extensions to the coaching staff. J.R. Smith came into the season injured and less professional than last season. Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert joined Smith in having off-season surgeries.

Tyson Chandler was also slowed by injuries during the season. Beyond that, even though Carmelo Anthony probably had the best all-around season of his NBA career his focus on the future led to unrest in the locker room. Many began to question Woodson's decisions and then qualifications. Clearly, trust is not everlasting.

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Will Carmelo Anthony Remain with New York Knicks?

April 17th, 2014 at 11:10 PM
By Matt Agne

It's the biggest question of the upcoming NBA off-season. Will Carmelo Anthony re-sign with the New York Knicks or leave money on the table to play elsewhere?

'Get Schooled! Benefit ::: George Washington High School ::: 11.19.10' photo (c) 2010, Julio Enriquez - license:

Most New York Knicks fans would like to see Carmelo Anthony opt-out of his contract and re-sign with the team. Others hope he opts-out and leaves the team. Some think both the Knicks and Anthony would be better off if he didn't opt-out and simply played the last year of his current contract out.

The fact is, Anthony is very likely to opt-out of his contract. Beyond that, it's hard to say what he'll do. Honestly, it doesn't seem like Anthony knows yet.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports some direct quotes from Anthony on the subject.

Carmelo: "I want to come back…I also want to win."

Carmelo: "I don't know if I can afford another season of losing."

Carmelo: "At this point in my career I'm not concerned about the money." Knicks can offer more than any other team: five years, $129 million

Ian Begley of ESPNNewYork reports another interesting quote from Anthony.

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New York Knicks Agree to Terms with Lamar Odom

April 16th, 2014 at 9:52 PM
By Matt Agne

As previously reported, Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks were thinking about signing Lamar Odom for the rest of the season so they could monitor him in the off-season. They've now taken the next step and agreed on a contract with Odom that will make him a member of the Knicks for the remainder of the season and give New York and option for next season.

'Nick Young, Lamar Odom' photo (c) 2010, Keith Allison - license:

The good news is that the New York Knicks have signed an NBA champion. The other good news is that he's a home-town talent. The bad news is, he hasn't played this season and it's because of a drug problem. 

Lamar Odom is a versatile player. He can play and guard multiple positions and he's an expert in the triangle offense. He also happens to have a history with Phil Jackson. That's why the Knicks are willing to take a chance on him in hopes he can get his act together and be a positive force off the bench for New York next season.

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New York Knicks Interested in Lamar Odom This Season?

April 14th, 2014 at 5:15 PM
By Matt Agne

Lamar Odom has a history with Phil Jackson. We know he recently met with the Zen Master. However, did you know the New York Knicks are thinking about signing him before the regular season is over?

'Nick Young, Lamar Odom' photo (c) 2010, Keith Allison - license:

Phil Jackson wouldn't mind reuniting with Lamar Odom. However, he wants to see Odom get life together and not be a poison to the Knicks locker room. The Knicks are thinking about adding Odom before this season ends to see if he can help them in the future. 

Marc Stein of ESPN reports Jackson might look to add Odom to the Knicks roster this season.

The New York Knicks have expressed interest in signing veteran free agent Lamar Odom, according to sources close to the situation.
Sources told that the Knicks, at the behest of new team president Phil Jackson, have been looking into the possibility of signing Odom since the 34-year-old's short stint playing in Spain ended and are weighing whether to go through with adding the Queens native to their roster before the regular season ends.

Among the options the Knicks are considering, sources said, is signing Odom before Wednesday's regular-season finale to a contract that includes a team option for next season.

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